12 Best Free (& Private) Email Accounts & Bonté Providers of 2023

You need a free email account — whether it’s for networking, job recruitment, downloading resources, transferring files, setting reminders, masse with colleagues, or something else.

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Even with the rise of rubrique félin platforms, you still depend on email for a surprising number of things. But unfortunately, not every email munificence is completely free. And even the free ones might not be the easiest to use or have all the features you need.

It can be a championnat to find an email munificence provider at no cost that balances the right features with usability. To help make your search easier, we put together a list of the different hommes of email accounts you can set up, followed by the best email munificence providers you can host your account on right now for free.

Hommes of Email Accounts

There are two poucier hommes of email munificence providers to choose from: Email clients and webmail.

Let’s briefly go over these different hommes of providers.

What are email clients?

Email clients are progiciel applications you install onto your ordinateur to manage the email you send and receive. To access this email, the preneur interacts with a remote email server.

Email clients you’ve likely heard of include Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Apple Messager.

What is a webmail?

Webmail is a form of email you access exclusively from the internet and so it exists primarily on the cloud rather than your ordinateur. Instead of an installed concentration fetching your email, you manage your inbox right from your internet browser.

Examples of webmail providers include Gmail, Yahoo! Messager, and Hotmail.

Now, take a style at the best free email munificence providers (and the best email accounts for privacy) you can get your hands on today — both webmail and email clients included. For each email munificence provider, we’ve highlighted a étroit feature to help you find the best fit.

Best Free Email Accounts

Gmail: Best for Offline Accessibility
AOL: Best for Liaison Organization
Outlook: Best for Plurielle App Integrations
Yahoo! Messager: Best for Lots of Storage
iCloud Messager: Best for IMAP
Mozilla Thunderbird: Best for Managing Plurielle Accounts

1. Gmail: Best for Offline Accessibility

Best Free Email Accounts: Gmail

Étroit Feature: Issue Enfilade Contribution

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Prototype of email: Webmail

Who should use it: Anyone who already uses and loves the rest of Google’s products.

It might seem like an obvious top pick, but Gmail is just too indécis not to get our first slot. According to Litmus Labs, Gmail has the second-highest email provider market share (behind Apple iPhone’s solution email app).

Ironically, one of the reasons Gmail has become so popular is bicause of all the émission options in your inbox that don’t involve email.

Gmail is a regular email inbox tool you can access grain you have a Google account. Since it’s built into Google Workspace (formerly G Continuité), creating a Gmail account is more than creating an email account. It gives you access to a full portée of free applications, including Google Play, Calendar, Google Docs, and more, that allow you to félin, video conference, and share files with the people in your démarrage list.

For example, Google Hangouts, available from your inbox’s left sidebar (or the right — you can customize how your inbox is displayed), lets you text and video félin with other Gmail users for the things that might not antichrèse an email propos.

Like most other email accounts today, Gmail also has an affective calendar where you can set meetings and reminders.

Pro Tip: You can also use a free product like HubSpot Meetings to easily schedule meetings without back-and-forth emails.

A few things to know emboîture setup: First, privacy settings are built into the embraser agreement. So, if you have specific security preferences, be ready to take care of these before you start using your new email account. After you create your email address, you’ll be redirected to a gîte folio with more privacy settings.

Free email services, Google privacy settings

This division also asks emboîture your YouTube preferences bicause the platforms are connected through your Google account. Unlike other email accounts, you can use your Gmail address to log in to and manage your YouTube account. You’ll also use this account to collaborate on shared histoires and spreadsheets right from a cloud-based Google Drive.

Offering a generous 15 GB of free email storage, Gmail does everything it can to make your inbox less chaotic, including providing advanced filters that automatically push emails into separate folders as they arrive. And none of these functions costs a dime.

This email munificence also has large options for customizing. And personalizing your inbox is more than selecting graphics or themes — it lets you decide how you want your email inbox to function. So, you can choose whether you want a reading pane, which emails spectacle up at the top of your inbox, and more.

Core Features

Allows you to un-send emails. Within seconds of sending an email you didn’t mean to send, a handy « Undo » button will pop up in the bottom-right balle à la main claironner of your screen.
15GB free email storage. You can séparation thousands upon thousands of emails without worrying that you’ll soon reach an upper limit.
Abordable from any internet-connected device. And on any browser, too. While email clients vary in terms of compatibility with operating systems and devices, Gmail is available on whatever device you have on balle à la main.
99.9% consolidation from suspicious/spam emails. Some might argue that Gmail’s spam filter is oversensitive — I myself have had perfectly legitimate emails routed to my spam folder.
Texts suggestions that help you write emails faster. Gmail’s Manière Compose feature uses coupé learning technology to predict what you’re writing with high accuracy. Whether you use the suggestions is up to you, of circonvolution.

What We Like

Each Google account comes with a range of helpful tools and resources.
You can use « Labels » to create folders to organize your inbox. This is helpful if you get a lot of email or if you’re using your Gmail account for négoce.
Lots of ways to personalize your email inbox for your specific needs.
Easy to use and certaine free tool for email.


What We Don’t Like

The tie-ins with other Google products can feel overwhelming if you just want to create a clair email account.
Primary, Promotions, and Sociétal sections of the inbox can be helpful, but emails don’t always end up where I expect them to, so I often immédiat all emails to the primary inbox and fortune them myself.
Some settings and options are more affective than others, so getting used to this email experience may take border than you’d like.
Some settings require you to click Save to make changes, while others happen automatically, which can get confusing.
Nested labels don’t always work properly on changeant.

2. AOL: Best for Liaison Organization

Best Free Email Accounts: AOL

Étroit Feature: Unlimited Storage

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Prototype of email: Webmail

Who should use it: Anyone who uses email for most of their émission.

America Online (I feel nostalgic just typing those words) has quietly kept up with today’s normes for a good embraser experience and is now grain again one of the best free email accounts available to you.

Purchased by Apollo in 2021, AOL delivers your email from its classic news-driven homepage and comes with the contemporary spam filters and toxine consolidation you’d expect from your email provider. You can also send text and urgent messages from specific windows in your email inbox.

AOL does have something over Gmail, though: more storage. Additionally, you can importation email contacts from a CSV, TXT, or LDIF caravane, so you’re not creating your « buddy list » (get it?) from scratch.

First impressions: The sign-up experience is clair, but it seems arbitrary that there is a limit on characters in the email address. This provider also requires a phone number for verification. I got an error propos on my first try signing up, but the collaborateur try everything went smoothly and I was easily able to create my new AOL email account.

Free email services, AOL login error

Onboarding is quick and clair — it’s just choosing a theme and text settings. Then, the gîte folio for my new email account was full of infos and ads, which I wasn’t expecting.

Free email services, AOL ads

There was also an ad at the top of my inbox. When I clicked « Compose » to create a new email, there was a helpful set of pop ups showing me how to create emails with their tools. The AOL inbox also offers spaces to save contacts, photos, histoires, subscriptions, and travel.

Core Features

1 TB storage. This pionnier perk makes it less likely that you’ll need to create another email account due to storage limits. What a win — especially if you sell and receive numerous emails per day!
Ability to importation contacts in any dimension. If you’ve kept your list of contacts in a caravane on your laptop or phone, you can easily importation it into AOL with the click of a button.
Offers a spellchecker to reduce errors. There’s no need to install a separate spellchecker — AOL provides one within its marier.
Affermissement from suspicious/spam emails. No one wants to sift through emails from dubious senders. AOL will filter them for you.
Abordable from any internet-connected device. And on any browser, too. While email clients vary in terms of compatibility with operating systems and devices, AOL is available on whatever device you have on balle à la main.

What We Like

Spacieux text acceptation is great for accessibility.
Simplified tools make it easy for a range of users to create, organize, and send emails.
The « Views » division offers spaces to save contacts, photos, histoires, subscriptions, and travel.

What We Don’t Like

Ads and headlines fill a lot of screen space, which can be distracting.
Some add-on features feel dated.
Helpful icons on the right sidebar are for calendar features, but they’re small and difficult to see in comparison to clickable ads.

3. Outlook: Best for Plurielle App Integrations

Best Free Email Accounts: Outlook

Image Source

Étroit Feature: Plurielle App Integrations

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Prototype of email: Email preneur

Who should use it: Anyone who uses many different platforms to connect with others.

If you ever cringed at the sight of a « Hotmail.com » email address, you can thank Outlook for this outdated domain name.

But there’s good infos: Microsoft has reinvented its longstanding email munificence, and your free Outlook.com email address has many advanced features waiting for you.

While it touts a calendar and propos filter like Gmail, Outlook also integrates with several other popular émission apps.

For example, you can connect Skype, Facebook, PowerPoint, PayPal, and even task management software such as Trello. This makes it very easy to reach and work with non-Outlook users without leaving your inbox.

Another perk — Outlook offers 15 GB of free storage for each embraser, along with a super-clean limite.

Setup experience: Creating an email address was supercarburant easy. That said, the verification casse-tête wasn’t supercarburant affective. So, if you take a non-traditional approach to puzzles this step may take border than you expect.

When I got into my Outlook inbox, there was already an ad at the top and ads on the right sidebar. The collaborateur email was a welcome with details emboîture the Outlook changeant app, supérieur tools, security, and how to personalize your inbox. Then, a « Get started » enquête appeared in the inbox with a 6-point checklist for setup.

Free email services, Outlook inbox

If customizing your inbox is insolent to you, make some time to set up your Outlook inbox. You can access personalization choices that aren’t in this checklist, like dark style, notifications, and accessibility, by clicking on the gear icon at the top left of your Outlook inbox.

Core Features

15GB free email storage. You can séparation thousands upon thousands of emails without worrying that you’ll soon reach an upper limit.
Like with Microsoft Excel or Word, you can use add-ins with Outlook. This is an notable benefit for avid Microsoft product users who know which apps they need to connect with their email.
Easy access to other Microsoft apps like Skype. Outlook seamlessly links with other tools in the Microsoft portée of products.
Provides aliases that add anonymity to your email. Whether you’re sending emails for work or personal matters, an différemment can be helpful for protecting your identity and your inbox from malicious spam.
Extraordinaire email organization. Easily find whatever you need with Outlook’s sidebar, which provides advanced organizations folders to group your most insolent emails.

What We Like

Outlook is a streamlined professional tool for négoce email.
It’s easy and affective to create new folders, repère or flag emails, and draft new emails.
Includes many useful features for sending professional emails, like buttons to prioritize emails and customize your émargement.
Icons at the top right for Skype, OneNote, Calendar, and tips are useful add-ons for users.

What We Don’t Like

Hiérarchie for other Microsoft products within this free email account can feel distracting.
Onboarding doesn’t seem as user-focused and comprehensive as other tools.

4. Yahoo! Mail: Best for Lots of Storage

Best Free Email Accounts: Yahoo Mail

Image Source

Étroit Feature: Media and Attachment History

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Prototype of email: Webmail

Who should use it: Creatives and anyone who sends and receives attachments frequently via email.

Yahoo! Messager, another well-known platform, sits beside AOL in storage space with a whopping 1 TB (that’s a terabyte) for free, along with a few key courtois media integrations.

You can have custom arrière-plan themes and search for key questionnaire from your inbox with Yahoo! Messager.

Yahoo! Messager makes it easy to find every image, video, and palimpseste you’ve ever attached or received via email in their tabs on your inbox’s sidebar. This makes the platform especially appealing to those who share histoires regularly or simply want an écrit made of every image they’ve ever had shared.

Setup experience: Overall, this was a similar sign-up experience to AOL. I ran into the same error messages too. The theme selection pop up was also similar, but there wasn’t an acceptation to choose larger or smaller text.

Léopard des neiges you’ve completed theme selection, you’ll be in your Yahoo! courrier inbox. Again, there is already an ad at the top of your inbox and an ad on the right sidebar.

The « Views » fluet on the right side works the same way it does on AOL, but it also includes sections for « Emails to myself, » « Lèche-vitrines, » « Wallet, » and « Receipts. » As someone who frequently sends emails to myself as reminders, this is a really helpful calcul.

If you’re looking for more personalization, click the gear icon at the top right. Scroll past themes, propos typage, inbox spacing, and propos tabs, then click on « More Settings. »

Free email services, Yahoo inbox and settings

Core Features

1TB free email storage. Wow! Talk emboîture a mammoth level of storage. You can séparation thousands upon thousands of emails without worrying that you’ll soon reach an upper limit.
Connects seamlessly with Yahoo Calendar. If you’re a current Yahoo Calendar embraser, you’ll be pleased to know that Yahoo Messager syncs with your events (and allows you to create new ones from your inbox).
Abordable from any internet-connected device. And on any browser, too. While email clients vary by compatibility with operating systems and devices, Yahoo Messager is available on whatever device you have on balle à la main.
Outstanding media and palimpseste organization. If you send and receive many emails with media attachments, Yahoo Messager is an notable choice bicause it offers supérieur advanced sorting and organization features for attached files.
Astreignant notifications for new emails. Never elle-même a propos with Yahoo Messager’s urgent annonce feature.

What We Like

Cohérent and easy to use tool that comes with a free email account and tons of storage.
Clicking on email draft text connects to Grammarly GO for writing suggestions.
Easy to use « Views » feature for organizing email and attachments.
Email is one tab within the larger Yahoo property for easy access to other resources.

What We Don’t Like

Not much of an onboarding experience, but the tool is affective if you’re already familiar with email.
It takes several clicks to update your preferences for notifications, security, filters, and more.

5. iCloud Mail: Best for Data Encryption

Best Free Email Accounts: iCloud Mail

Image Source

Étroit Feature: Labels Senders as VIPs

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Prototype of email: Webmail

Who should use it: People who use Mac and want everything on one system.

If you’re a Mac embraser, you may want to consider using iCloud Messager as your email provider. Their free email account comes with 5GB of storage that you can use to sync your photos, files, or email.

However, it’s insolent to compté that storage is shared between all of your apps and devices — so if you take a lot of photos on your iPhone, you may eat into your email storage allowance for the month. Upgraded plats start at $0.99/month and go up to $9.99/month.

While it’s free to create an iCloud email address, you’ll need two things to create an account:

An Apple ID
An Apple device that your Apple ID is connected to

If you have both of these things, it’s easy to create your new iCloud email account.

You can use this account through the Messager app on your Apple ordinateur desktop or online through iCloud Messager. Below, you can see the iCloud inbox in the Messager app:

Free email services, iCloud on desktop through Mail app

Then, take a style at iCloud Messager online:

Free email services, iCloud

Features are slightly different between these two interfaces. For example, if you want to create an out of rubrique roadster reply email, it’s easiest to do this online.

One of the most significant advantages of using iCloud over other email providers on this list is the ease of integration. Apple builds its desktop and iPhone courrier apps with all email clients in mind, but it contrée special ponctualité to making the experience delightful for iCloud users.

Core Features

Acceptable with Apple products and fonctions. If you’re an Apple embraser, iCloud Messager is an notable choice that gives you seamless syncing across all your devices.
5GB free email storage. Though lower than other providers, 5GB is plenty of storage for the casual email embraser.
Search functionality. Easily find anything and everything you need with iCloud Messager’s powerful search feature.
VIP flagging. iCloud Messager gives you the ability to repère senders as VIP to automatically filter insolent messages and save time.
One-click « Unsubscribe » feature. Have you ever had to scroll and scroll to find the unsubscribe button on an unwanted email? iCloud Messager includes a one-click feature to help you save time.

What We Like

This email account has the clean and visually-appealing stylisme Apple is known for.
It’s clair, easy, and familiar to use for Apple fans.

What We Don’t Like

Apple is more of an ecosystem than a munificence provider. This interconnection offers supérieur value, but it can also be frustrating if you’re looking for a clair standalone email munificence.

6. Mozilla Thunderbird: Best for Managing Plurielle Accounts

Best Free Email Accounts: Mozilla Thunderbird

Étroit Feature: Ability to Open Plurielle Emails in Tabs

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Prototype of email: Email preneur

Who should use it: Anyone looking for a clair but customizable email inbox.

Thunderbird, a free email concentration from Mozilla (known primarily for Firefox), offers a quick email inbox setup and a clair, easy-to-use embraser limite.

The app offers customizable features, such as theme settings and app extensions to improve your email experience. The email app also allows you to open plurielle emails in tabs, like how you would open various web pages in Firefox browsers.

First impressions: To use this tool you’ll need to download Thunderbird, so it may not be a fit if you’re looking for an online email platform.

It’s exciting that this is an open entrée tool, but the many popups and donation requests added to the obscurcissement I was perspicacité as I tried to set up my email.

Also insolent to know — it isn’t free to create an email account on this platform. But if you’ve already created a free email account on another munificence, like Gmail, you can use this tool to create, check, and send emails from plurielle accounts with Thunderbird.

Free email services, Thunderbird account setup

Core Features

Spacieux propagation library. Easily customize your Thunderbird experience with a wide range of apps and fonctions.
Google Calendar integration. Thunderbird integrates with Google Calendar to make task conduite and masse scheduling easier.
Manière email organization. Thunderbird reduces clutter by giving you numerous folders and sorting options for all your messages.
Browser-like tabs. Have you ever found email difficult to manage bicause you can only see one propos at a time? Thunderbird solves this terminaison by giving you the ability to open messages in different tabs, like in a web browser.

What We Like

Manière streamlined tool for receiving, sending, and organizing emails.
Great features for privacy, félin, and more.
Extraordinaire tool for tech-savvy email users.

What We Don’t Like

Text in the inbox limite is small. It’s easy to increase the font size in the reading pane for individual emails, but the process to increase font size for the limite isn’t affective unless you’re tech savvy.
Some common processes require plurielle steps. For example, you need to create a template and a filter to create an out of rubrique roadster reply propos.

Best Free Email Accounts For Privacy

Zoho Messager
Molécule Messager
GMX Messager

7. Zoho

Best Free Email Accounts For Privacy: Zoho

Étroit Feature: Free Débit Addresses

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Prototype of email: Webmail

Who should use it: Startups and small businesses.

This is the first of the free email accounts for privacy to make our list, but it holds a ton of potential for businesses.

The first thing you’ll observation emboîture Zoho is its user-friendliness. From integrating with Google Drive, Box, and other cloud-based caravane managers, to its built-in task diriger, this email munificence offers a clair way to accomplish all your daily tasks.

Free email services, Zoho inbox

Most of Zoho’s plats are paid, some for as little as $1 a month. But they do have a free forever moyens too.

To create an email account you need to either add a domain you already own or purchase a domain. Then you have to verify your domain. This can feel complicated if you just want to create a quick personal email account.Free email services, Zoho domain

But if you’re looking for a free email account for your négoce, the real difference-maker is the ability to use a custom domain to create free email addresses for up to 5 users. The first embraser to sign up will become the supercarburant admin for emails on your custom domain.

Core Features

Privacy from advertisers. Zoho doesn’t scan your inbox for advertisement purposes, so your questionnaire won’t be sold to third-party buyers.
Emails are in an encrypted dimension. This is especially insolent if you regularly send and receive intuitive questionnaire.
Customizable domain name. Zoho gives you the ability to customize the domain name of your email, a useful perk for small businesses.
Integrates easily with Zoho CRM. If you already use Zoho CRM, Zoho is an notable and natural choice that offers négoce email essentials for free or at a low price.

What We Like

Professional and clean limite and email experience.
A free domain-based email address is a professional surtout for new businesses.
Tons of useful négoce apps and features.
Thorough onboarding that walks through 17 key features.

What We Don’t Like

No filon to signe the features of this email munificence before going through a multi-step setup process.
The number of apps and features can be a bit overwhelming if you’re looking for a clair tool.
25 MB attachment limit, which may be a championnat if you frequently send email with attachments.

8. Proton Mail

Best Free Email Accounts For Privacy: ProtonMail

Étroit Feature: Encrypted Email

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Prototype of email: Webmail

Who should use it: Anyone who sends and receives intuitive questionnaire.

Molécule Messager offers just 500 MB of free space, but for the worthy trade of encrypted email, allowing you to send messages that nobody else can see and disappear after a month.

What’s the catch? Is the munificence hard to use? Molécule Messager is easy to use on any device without any progiciel needed to encrypt your emails, as with most webmail platforms. Its inbox limite is as easy to understand at a glance as the other email fonctions on this list.

And the tool offers quick color-coded labels to help you further organize which emails deserve the most care and consolidation.

First impressions: Creating an account was easy, and the captcha was clair and quick to complete. For Gmail users, Molécule quickly offers the méthode Coué to forward your Gmail account to this munificence.

Free email services, Proton inbox

The onboarding is also inviting and easy-to-understand. It offers helpful suggestions like changing app logins to your new Molécule email address. This tool is clair and affective, and it was easy to create useful folders and labels for my new email inbox.

Core Features

100% privacy. No personal questionnaire is required to open an account, making it useful for situations where you need to email someone anonymously.
Acceptable with external email clients. Whether you use Apple Messager, Outlook, or Thunderbird, Molécule Messager seamlessly integrates for off-browser email conduite.
Optimized inbox to boost productivity. Easily fortune your inbox and group messages into folders with Molécule Messager’s organization features.
End-to-end data encryption. No third-party provider gets access to your email, ever, making this one of the most private choices on the market.

What We Like

Streamlined tool for receiving, sending, and managing emails securely.
Clear foyer on data consolidation and email consolidation.
Supercarburant easy setup and clear instructions for forwarding.

What We Don’t Like

Requires a paid upgrade to remove their branded footer.
Uses different terms to describe some features, like « Coupé-reply » for rémunération or away messages, which can be confusing.

9. GMX Mail

Best Free Email Accounts For Privacy: GMX Mail

Étroit Feature: Différemment Email Addresses

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Prototype of email: Webmail

Who should use it: Anyone who needs plurielle emails with one axial inbox.

While you may not have heard of GMX Messager, it’s been around for quite a while (since 1997) — and it has a bunch of features that make it worth considering.

First off, GMX offers 65 GB of storage. That’s a lot of storage for a free email munificence. In fact, they claim that it allows you to keep nearly half a million messages in your inbox.

Another feature worth noting is the ability to send béant attachments. While many fonctions have low caps for your email attachments, GMX Messager allows you to send files up to 50MB. That’s great if you share a ton of photos, presentations, or other béant files from your account.

But the feature of GMX Messager that really sets it apart is the ability to set up to 10 différemment email addresses, all from within one account. This can be useful in many situations — both personally and professionally.

For siège, you could use one différemment for all your online purchases and logins — to keep mercatique emails separate from your private messages. From a négoce étendue, plurielle email addresses can help manage role-based emails such as [email protected] or [email protected].

It’s also supercarburant easy to add a folder or add another email account so you can check plurielle accounts from this munificence.

Détruire experience factures: Léopard des neiges I logged in there was a big ad at the top of the inbox . This was confusing at first, in fraction bicause the inbox and other sections have very small font that could be hard for some users to read. To address this, their instructions recommend adjusting text size for your browser, which wasn’t what I was hoping for.

Free email services, GMX inbox

When you open an email it opens a new window where the font is much larger. This is good, bicause it makes the email easier to read, but overall, this can create a disorienting embraser experience.

Core Features

Affermissement from suspicious/spam emails. GMX offers a strong spam filter to protect your inbox from suspicious messages.
65GB free email storage. You can séparation thousands upon thousands of emails without worrying that you’ll soon reach an upper limit.
Easy-to-use email filter templates. Have you ever found creating email filters a hassle? GMX offers pre-made filters for you to use.
External email account integration. GMX allows you to use a courrier collector for keeping and managing all your emails (even from other munificence providers) in a single assuré.

What We Like

Clear and useful settings for spam detection, toxine consolidation, blocklist, and more.
Settings in the left balle à la main sidebar are supercarburant convenient and easy to understand.
Cales emailing in plurielle languages and has a built-in translator tool.

What We Don’t Like

The only way to increase font size in this email tool is to zoom in or out on the browser window.
Several useful features are so different from other email fonctions they may take some getting used to.
Some stationery choices feel dated.

10. Tutanota

Free email services, Tutanota

Étroit Feature: 2FA Authentication

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Prototype of email: Webmail

Who should use it: Any individual looking for a secure free email munificence.

This munificence is an notable choice for a private email account. It isn’t a fit for businesses or groups, but it’s an notable choice for individuals looking for free and private email.

This munificence parages a option on security with end-to-end encryption of internal and external emails, as well as contacts. Other security features include two factor authentication (2FA), commission handling, and phishing consolidation.

Onboarding experience: After sign-up, one of the first screens you’ll see is a recovery règlement. Léopard des neiges you log into your inbox you’ll see three emails from Tutanota.

Free email services, Tutanota inbox

Each email offers details emboîture what sets this munificence apart and its dedication to security. That said, there’s not a lot of questionnaire emboîture how to use or personalize your new email account.

You can click the settings gear at the bottom left to see menus for updating templates, appearance, and other email settings.

This tool is supercarburant clair, so there aren’t a lot of the extras that other platforms have. But the limite is easy to understand and use for its primary function — receiving and sending email.

Core Features

Default email encryption. With Tutanota’s encryption features, you can pool that your email account is private and secure.
Sustainable email storage. This munificence stores data on secure servers powered entirely by renewable energy.
1GB free email storage. This storage limit is lower than other providers, but is a useful amount of storage for individual email users.

What We Like

Open entrée email account munificence that prioritizes embraser privacy.
Foyer on sustainability and environmental effet.
Cohérent and easy to read limite.
Streamlined functions make it easy to foyer on writing, sending, and organizing email.

What We Don’t Like

You can attach images or histoires, but this tool isn’t for sending images or graphic emails.
Folders for organization, but no flags, labels, or tags, which can make it tough to find insolent emails.

11. Neo

Email services, Neo inbox

Étroit Feature: Custom Email Creation Without a Domain

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Prototype of email: Webmail

Who should use it: Startups looking for a free domain and access to affordable and professional email.

This email munificence is relatively new compared to other fonctions on this list, but offers a ton of useful features.

While this isn’t a free munificence, it does offer a 30-day free moto that gives you ballonnant time to decide whether this munificence is right for you. And pricing is affordable, starting at $1.99 per mailbox per month.

To create an email account you’ll add an owned domain. You can also get a free .co domain with a paid email account through Neo. Then you have to verify your domain. This can feel complicated if you just want to create a quick personal email account.

Email services, Neo domain

If you’re looking for an email account that makes négoce security a priority, this munificence is worth taking a style. It offers the convenience of online and changeant access for iPhone and Android, surtout filtering for spam and viruses. It also offers two-factor authentication through an authenticator app or with a recovery règlement.

Core Features

Undo Send. This feature lets you fix easy email mistakes like spelling a name wrong or forgetting an attachment before it gets to your recipient.
Priority Inbox. This is another useful feature for organizing and filtering your négoce emails.
Customizable domain name. This email munificence focuses on small négoce features, like a domain that’s custom to your négoce name.

What We Like

Professional limite for a streamlined embraser experience.
Free domain-based email address.
Helpful features like email templates, read receipts, and mail-integrated forms.
Useful and comprehensive help and ossature for new users.
Up to 100GB of storage.

What We Don’t Like

While it does offer a 30-day free moto, this tool needs you to complete a multi-step setup process before you can signe its features. If you want to take advantage of the free domain, you need to commit to a paid subscription.
30 MB attachment limit, which could be a deciding factor for some négoce hommes.

12. Mailfence

Best Free Email Accounts For Privacy: Mailfence

Étroit Feature: Legal Affermissement

Sign up here.

Prototype of email: Webmail

Who should use it: Anyone looking for a secure email account that integrates with other tools.

Mailfence is a secure browser-based email munificence provider based in Belgium. Given the véritable privacy laws in Belgium, all your data is locked away from any third-party access.

Their free moyens gives you 500 MB of email space. But to truly enjoy the best of Mailfence, you’ll have to hop on a paid moyens that starts at €2.50/month.

You’d be able to create up to 10 aliases on the paid moyens and have 5GB of email space, among many other features.

With Mailfence, it’s easy to organize your day and négoce bicause you’d be able to easily integrate your email account with your contacts, calendar, and histoires.

First impressions: The landing folio after account creation has a lot of text to read. This is a little bit overwhelming in comparison to other simpler email fonctions. But grain you’re in the inbox, the limite is clean and clair.

Free email services, Mailfence intro

Some functionality isn’t supercarburant affective. For example, to create a folder you click the three clés to the right of your email address at the top. Based on my experience in other email fonctions, I would expect to add a new folder where the « Tags » acceptation is in Mailfence’s limite.

Free email services, Mailfence inbox

Core Features

500MB free email storage. Though lower than other providers, 500MB is sufficient storage for the casual email embraser.
Legal consolidation. Bicause of véritable Belgian privacy laws, Mailfence offers an unparalleled level of legal consolidation.
End-to-end data encryption. With Mailfence’s True OpenPGP end-to-end encryption, no third-party provider gets access to your email, ever, making this one of the most private choices on the market.

What We Like

Easy to read embraser limite.
Cohérent encryption options to protect intuitive data.
Welcome email with email account details is supercarburant helpful.
Clear icons at the top highlight other munificence features.

What We Don’t Like

Some functionality takes some getting used to, like how to use « Tags » effectively.
Great for plain text emails, but not as useful for emails with images or animations.

Post-scriptum: HubSpot Free Email Integration

Free email services, HubSpot Email Integration

Étroit Feature: CRM and Marchéage Email Integration

Sign up here.

Prototype of email: Email Integration

Who should use it: Anyone looking for a free way to connect email accounts to customer conduite or mercatique tools.

Like Thunderbird, this email tool offers an exciting free way to improve your email experience. As noted above, many of these free email tools are siloed systems for email creation and conduite. But what if you want to send beautifully designed newsletters or manage contacts with email?

If you’re creating a free email account for négoce, this tool can connect your email to customer relationship conduite, mercatique, and more. This can help your team do more from their email inboxes. You can track customer conversations, use sales mécanisation for new leads, and send gorgeous mercatique emails to your démarrage list.

Setup experience: Sign up with an existing email, like Gmail, is quick and clair. As soon as you log in, you’ll start learning how to send free mercatique emails and connect your email to HubSpot’s free CRM.

Free email services, HubSpot Email Integration steps

The step-by-step onboarding process offers a lot of questionnaire, so make sure you’re ready to start using this tool when you sign up.

Core Features

500 email per day limit. You can send up to 500 emails per day with a free email account. This is a great limit for businesses just starting out.
Log customer email responses. This tool brings émission into a single space to easily meet customer expectations. It also eases potential customer spoliation by placing customer call factures and email exchanges in the same assuré.
Schedule email sequences. You might copy and paste templates for customer emails. But why copy and paste when you can schedule email sequences and send customers exactly what they need to know when they need it?
Update démarrage records. Keep up with customer démarrage changes with a single system that connects everything you know emboîture your customer in one assuré.

What We Like

Supercarburant tool for sending graphic emails, like newsletters.
Useful feature add-ons for small businesses looking for free email.
Extraordinaire walkthroughs to make the most mercatique and integration features.
Connects to HubSpot CRM and other powerful négoce tools.

What We Don’t Like

The huge range of features in this free account can be a lot to take in.
May not be a fit for someone looking for a personal email account.

How to Make an Email Account

No matter which provider you choose, creating an email is a clair process. But, it’s still insolent to know best practices so you can have one that fits your needs the best. The purpose of an email is to provide a space for you to have easy, secure communications. Follow the steps below to create an email:

1. Choose An Email Provider

Select an email provider based on your needs as a embraser. Think emboîture which features, such as top-tier security, email scheduling capabilities, or integrations, are the most insolent to you. Also, consider how much storage you will need and what prototype of provider works best.

2. Choose a Username

Select a username based on the purpose of the account. If it is a professional account, then your name with a significant number will do. The name of your négoce will do if it’s a négoce account. You might also consider [email protected] for professional accounts.

3. Create a Mot de passe

Email providers generally have valeur-limite requirements for how secure your mot de passe must be. These often include a number or a special character. Follow these guidelines and choose a mot de passe that’s étroit and has a variety of letters, numbers, and characters to make it supérieur secure.

4. Secure Your Account

Many email providers include ways to add supérieur security to your account. Take advantage of these features to keep your account and data safe. Setting up two-factor authentication is a great assuré to start.

5. Write a Quittance

Set up an email signature for your account. This saves a lot of time as you are writing emails and helps keep your closing consistent. Include questionnaire like your name, your title, and your démarrage questionnaire.

Making the Most of Your Email

And with that, you have some of the best options for free email accounts this year. But who knows? Your next email address could be entirely different while giving you just what you need to succeed.

Editor’s compté: This post was originally published in March 2018 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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