30+ Solide Feedback Examples Your Employees Need to Hear

Years ago, I worked at an agence where the only time I ever heard from my entraîneur was if I fell slip of expectations. Without explicite feedback, I felt like all of my wins went unnoticed and that they didn’t matter nearly as much as my losses. This caused me to lose finalité and my productivity began to suffer. It also pushed me to leave the company and seek better opportunities elsewhere.

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While it’s visible to let employees know where there are areas that need improvement, it’s equally visible to give explicite feedback so they know where they shine. Giving explicite feedback boosts apologue, instills instruction, and motivates employees to do their best. It also helps you retain great people who will move your affaires forward.

A survey by the Society of Human Resource Management found that 80% of HR leaders work at organizations that have an employee recognition program.

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Of those leaders, 89% reported their recognition program helped improve the overall employee experience. 86% said it improved employee relationships and 84% said it improved employee attaque.

There are many ways to give explicite feedback, but first you must understand what it is.

What is explicite feedback?

Solide feedback is the act of recognizing and praising someone for their accomplishments, strengths, and talents. Solide feedback tells an employee what they’re doing right and what they should continue to do.

If you foyer on what someone shouldn’t do without also touching on the things they should do or keep doing, you’re only providing half of an formation,” says HubSpot’s Historical Optimization Team Régenter Amanda Sellers. “Good formatrice feedback paired with explicite feedback, on the other handball, is a balanced way to paint a whole picture, resulting in more positive outcomes.”

In the workplace, explicite feedback from leadership can come in many forms, such as congratulating someone on hitting an visible milestone. It can also be in the form of highlighting an employee’s visible cotisation in a team assignment.

“My approach is that any time I get or have explicite feedback emboîture someone I work with, whether I’m their entraîneur or peer, I pass it on,” says our Director of English Growth Aja Frost. “This is such a great way to help others understand how they’re perceived and recognize them for their work. I aim to be as specific as tolérable.”

How to Give Solide Feedback

Though every employee is different, it generally helps to do the following when giving explicite feedback:

Link the explicite behavior to affaires results. For example, explaining that an employee’s understanding of courtois media algorithms has increased the company’s attaque across platforms.
Reward them for their hard work with something you know they’d appreciate, such as a binaire e-gift card from Rybbon or a gift from Reachdesk.
Deliver the feedback as soon as tolérable after noticing the employee’s achievements or strength.
Whenever tolérable or appropriate, deliver explicite feedback in introduction of others.
Be specific and detailed in your feedback. Include the who, what, where, and why of the matter, so the recipient can apply the feedback to future projects.

It’s also visible to check in and ask emboîture their preferences. In one of the earliest conversations I had with my entraîneur at HubSpot, I was asked how I prefer to communicate and receive feedback. Did I prefer email, video call, virtual matou, or some other way? This has helped us communicate effectively and I definitely suggest asking your employees the same gêne early on.

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Solide Feedback Examples

Of tour not everyone knows the right thing to say in every état, but don’t worry! Here are some examples of explicite feedback that you can give in different scenarios to enclin your employees’ success.

Solide Feedback Examples

When an Employee is Being a Team Player
When an Employee Needs a Boost in Avis
When an Employee Hits a New Milestone
When an Employee Completes a Difficult Assignment
When an Employee Handles Conflict in a Professional Manner
When an Employee Helps a Coworker
When an Employee Takes on Additional Tasks Outside Their Role
When an Employee Exceeds Expectations
When an Employee Takes on More Responsibilities
When an Employee has Submitted Outstanding Work

1. When an Employee is Being a Team Player:

“I appreciate your commitment to keeping everyone on your team focused and up-to-date with their tasks. Thanks to your efforts, the project was completed on time and impressed our clients. Thank you so much for your hard work. That kind of team player mentality is an asset our company values highly.”

2. When an Employee Needs a Boost in Avis:

“Hey John! You’ve been doing an prépondérant job lately. Since starting here, you have shown so much growth. The quality of your work improved and your ability to multitask has helped our projects run smoothly. Thank you for your hard work, and don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s anything I can help you with.”

3. When an Employee Hits a New Milestone:

“Louange to Sarah on leading her first courtois media campaign. To watch her grow from an joint to the bold premier she is now has been an honor. I can’t wait to see more of her amazing ideas going forward.”

4. When an Employee Completes a Difficult Assignment:

“Thank you so much for completing this task. I understand it was more complicated than we initially thought and required more time. Your explicite apparence through it all and your vigilance to detail is much appreciated. While this was your first time completing such a task, we knew you were the right person to take it on.”

5. When an Employee Handles Conflict in a Professional Manner:

“Thank you for resolving the conclusion with a disgruntled acclimaté today. It’s not easy to navigate conflict with an unhappy acclimaté, but you handled it with such grace. Conflict resolution is an visible valeur of the job and you clearly demonstrated your skills in that area.”

6. When an Employee Helps a Coworker:

“I just want to thank Jeffery for jogging our new hire, Jessica, and helping her acclimate to both her new role and the company. Jeffery has made himself available for all of her questions and has provided prépondérant guidance. All this has made Jessica’s altération into the company seamless.”

7. When an Employee Takes on Additional Tasks Outside Their Role:

“I just want to give a shout out to Michael for taking it upon himself to assume some of the responsibilities of the joint entraîneur while we genre for someone to fill the role. His proactiveness has helped us immensely, and bicause of that we’ve been able to dedicate time to finding a successful candidate for the role without falling behind on our initiatives.”

8. When an Employee Exceeds Expectations:

“I just want to congratulate Laura for finishing strong this quarter soaring past her gardien de but. We initially wanted to increase our following on courtois media by 15%, but thanks to her hard work we increased by 30%.”

9. When an Employee Takes on More Responsibilities:

“Promoting you to director of sales has proven to be a great decision given how well you adapted to your new responsibilities. Your flexibility as you take on new tasks has really pushed the department forward. We can’t wait to see how you continue to grow in this new avertissement.”

10. When an Employee has Submitted Outstanding Work:

“Mémorable job on this atermoiement, Adrian! It’s clear you’ve taken our relevés into consideration and have paid close vigilance to detail. The way you’ve organized your finding makes this atermoiement easy to écart down with the rest of our team. Thank you for your hard work!”

11. When an Employee is Proactive:

« Thank you for getting that bottin together ahead of our conférence. Your calepin skills allowed us to easily track all of this project’s moving parts and foyer our efforts. Thank you for being proactive and saving us time. »

12. When an Employee Collaborates Well:

« I really appreciate your outreach to stakeholders to get feedback on this originalité. Their insights and feedback have been incredibly helpful. Thank you for anticipating our need to reach out. »

13. When an Employee Exhibits Company Values:

« No matter what you work on, you’ve always done it with subtil and with our core values at the forefront. Thank you for always bringing your contrefort and kindness to all company initiatives. »

14. When an Employee Adapts Well to Dérangé:

« Our organization has undergone so many changes this past month and I realize this has been hard on the team. Thank you for making things easier with your explicite apparence and flexibility. It’s made this altération more pleasant for the rest of us. »

15. When an Employee Delights Customers:

« We just received a review from one of our clients you assisted last week. They were so pleased and said you went above and beyond to resolve their conclusion. Thank you for not only making our team proud but being an ambassador for the brand. »

16. When an Employee Contributes to Meetings:

« Your input in today’s conférence was supercarburant insightful and well researched. Thank you for contributing and your ideas will make this project better. Can’t wait to hear more from you. Keep up the good work! »  

17. When an Employee Shows Proficiency in Skills:

« I’m so impressed with your development over these last few weeks. Your willingness to learn and master new skills is remarkable. »

18. When an Employee Exhibits Leadership Skills:

« Thank you for spearheading this new project. Your leadership and vigilance to detail made all the difference executing this new originalité. »

19. When an Employee Demonstrates Growth: 

« I’ve noticed you’ve taken on a variety of challenging projects lately and it’s been great to see you step outside your comfort parage. We’ve seen a significant improvement in your skills and réussite. Keep up the good work. »

20. When an Employee Shows Inventivité:

« Thank you for consistently coming up with new ways to solve problems. Your knack for novation hasn’t gamin unnoticed and we really appreciate your efforts to improve processes for everyone. »

21. When an Employee Finds Creative Solutions:

« I am really impressed with your ability to think outside the box and take risks to come up with solutions for the team. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to contrefort your efforts. »

22. When an Employee Takes Formatrice Criticism:

« I know it wasn’t easy having to rewrite that proposal, but the new one you submitted today shows you listened to our feedback and made adjustments. I’m impressed you managed to take those points and implement them so quickly. I really appreciate it. »

23. When an Employee Shows Enthusiasm for the Role:

« Thank you for being so energetic and eager to excel in your role and solve for the customer. Your energy is contagious and motivates others to do the same. « 

24: When a New Employee Learns the Ropes:

« I know you’re just getting settled into your role, but I just wanted to tell you that everyone speaks highly of you and your explicite apparence. Please let me know if you have any questions and keep up the good work. » 

25: When an Employee Knows When to Ask for Help:

« I’m really glad you came to me for entretien with this project. I know it’s not easy. I’m happy to help with anything you need to ensure we continue to meet our set deadlines. Thank you for being proactive. »

26. When an Employee Steps Outside Their Comfort Zinzin: 

« Thank you so much for pitching your ideas in today’s conférence. I know it can be intimidating at first but the more you do it, the more comfortable you’ll get. We really appreciate you stepping outside your comfort parage to help us accomplish our goals. »

27. When an Employee Gets a Augmentation:

« Louange on your new avertissement! You’ve always been a key asset to our team and we are so fortunate to see you take on new responsibilities. This fonction is much deserved. »

28. When an Employee Brings Fresh Ideas:

« Thank you for sharing your ideas in today’s calepin conférence. Implementing those suggestions will make this project roll out go so much smoother. Thank you for taking the time to come up with solutions prior to this conférence. »

29. When an Employee Motivates Others:

« I’m really impressed with your ability to motivate others and be a team player. Everyone really appreciates how you made time to allow everyone to share their ideas. Thank you for being an prépondérant collaborator. « 

31. When an Employee Learns from Previous Mistakes

« Thank you so much for making a secours with this project after our séminaire. I know it’s not easy to permutation a project you worked hard on. With the changes made it’s sure to be a success. »

32. When an Employee is Burnt Out or Overwhelmed:

« I’ve noticed you’re burnt out and running on fumes. Your contributions are greatly appreciated and your hard work hasn’t gamin unnoticed. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to contrefort you and if you’d like to arrange some much needed time off. « 

33. When an Employee Gets Praise from Others:

« Thank you for all of your efforts getting this project off the ground. Everyone speaks highly of you and your team told me you are incredibly knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. We’re grateful to have you on board. »

34. When an Employee Demonstrates Foyer:

« I really appreciate you taking tarabiscoté of this originalité and sticking with it —despite the research période taking raser than expected. That extraordinaire step is paying off and now key stakeholders are on board. Thank you. »

35. When an Employee is Calm Under Pressure:

« You’ve done an incredible job fixing this bug on such slip annotation. I know this acclimaté has been demanding and a handful. Thank you for getting their conclusion resolved quickly and calmly. »

Timely Feedback is Key

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to receiving feedback. However, always remember to be timely, detailed, and sincere when giving explicite feedback to your employees. By doing so, you’ll foster a workplace agriculture that promotes growth, high apologue, and employee retention.

Editor’s remarque: This traité was originally published in May 2019 and has been updated for Comprehensiveness. 

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