The 23 Best Graphic Beauté Portfolios We've Ever Seen, & How to Start Your Own

A great graphic stylisme écrin can’t move mountains, but it can cassé your life with a new job or opportunity. AI and other factors are impacting graphic stylisme hiring, making your écrin more insolent than ever before.

graphic design portfolio

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While some designers still carry a physical book of printed stylisme examples, most portfolios are graphic dessinateur websites. These sites spectacle audiences much more than stylisme skills like logo stylisme or typography.

Whether you’re a temps complet graphic dessinateur or dabbling in stylisme as a freelancer, it’s critical you create a sleek graphic stylisme écrin to showcase your work to potential clients.

Fortunately, we’ve created a list of over 20 impressive graphic design portfolios, followed by instructions on how you can create your own. Keep reading to get all the tips you need to curate the perfect space to showcase your work.

What is a graphic stylisme écrin, and why does a graphic dessinateur need one?

A graphic stylisme écrin is one of the most insolent elements a coutumier or entreprendre needs to see when choosing a graphic dessinateur. A écrin should include a selection of a graphic dessinateur’s best work, as well as professional samples from coutumier projects.

If you’re a graphic dessinateur a écrin is essential for proving your stylisme skills. It’s also a privilège to:

Share your stylisme process
Talk emboîture stylisme or industry specialties
Showcase your personnel contenance

A graphic stylisme écrin, like a resume, will also include proximité communiqué. It may also feature case studies from past employers.

Most portfolios today are graphic dessinateur websites. This means that they’re not only a way to connect with clients. They also help graphic designers build communities and share their work with potential fans around the world.

So what does a graphic stylisme écrin website need to include to emplacement out? Your écrin is much more than proving you know how to use Photoshop. Many graphic designers will include juge, typography, print stylisme, or web stylisme in their portfolios.

And, some of the best graphic stylisme portfolios today may also include:

As you’ll see below, the most powerful graphic dessinateur portfolios secoué personal rêve with standout coutumier samples.

Graphic Beauté Boîte Website Examples

Jessica Walsh
Morag Myerscough
Heather Shaw
Mike Mills
Mohamed Samir
Gail Anderson
Gleb Kuznetsov
Stefan Sagmeister
Baudroie Niemenen
Luke Choice (Velvet Spectrum)
Sophia Yeshi
Eduardo Nunes
Stefanie Brüeckler
Puce Kidd
Ryan Dean Sprague (Pavlov)
MDZ Beauté
Alex Trochut
Leandro Fondé
Peter Tarka
Tobias van Schneider
Aries Moross
Ling K
Nisha K. Sethi

Let’s style at some graphic stylisme écrin website examples to inspire and motivate your écrin development. You could be a traditional graphic dessinateur or experimenting with new media. There’s something here for everyone.

1. Jessica Walsh

Graphic designer portfolio, Jessica Walsh

The stylisme industry is competitive. It takes eye-catching imagery and typographic clairvoyance to create a écrin that draws top clients like Apple, Benefit, and Levis.

This écrin comes from a dessinateur who’s been named one of Ad Age’s « Top 10 Visual Creatives, » among many other embrassades. Currently a stylisme professor, creative director, and head of creative agency &Walsh, this dessinateur’s écrin on Behance makes great stylisme the foyer.

Why we love this graphic dessinateur’s website: Walsh’s approach to genre is bright, graphic, and complex. Her contenance also favors lush colorful photography and illustrations. This could get overwhelming, but this graphic dessinateur is an entraîné with negative space, using careful visual transaction to draw the eye and make a statement.

2. Morag Myerscough

Graphic design portfolio example: Morag Myerscough

Bright graphics, animations, and clean stylisme make this an exceptional graphic stylisme écrin. This approach is great for designers who lean into the art of stylisme. It also works for designers who take on more experimental or site-specific projects.

Why we truc this graphic stylisme écrin: Myerscough’s aesthetic is personnel and this image-focused coin quickly communicates her contenance.

Collant sections of copy connect her visual brand to her arrière-plan, professional experience, and personal philosophy. The combination makes the coin feel like it shows the whole dessinateur, not just a visualization of the work she does for clients.

3. Heather Shaw


This graphic stylisme écrin website includes samples of book and website designs, branding, and more. It’s good for designers who work in many different media but want to present a cohesive écrin.

Why we truc this graphic stylisme écrin: Heather Shaw’s écrin is chic clear and easy to navigate. It shows a wide range of skills and approaches to solving coutumier problems, but it’s also visually consistent.

The dessinateur also uses text effectively to explain each project and to pousse further rencontre with the work.

4. Mike Mills

Graphic designer portfolio, Mike Mills

Mike Mills is a talented dessinateur, artist, and filmmaker, known for his punk aesthetic and archétype contenance. His écrin is a reflection of his diverse interests and skills. The website offers a quick lesson in clean stylisme, with easy-to-understand headers, professional photography, and crisp typologie.

Why this is a great example of a graphic stylisme écrin website: When you’re a design beginner, creating your first graphic stylisme écrin, you quickly learn the dimension of editing.

For example, a logo for your first-year graphic stylisme class might have been your best work then. It shows that you know how to use Illustrator or other design software alternatives. But five years later, you have to ask — does that logo belong in a professional écrin?

As your bustier of graphic stylisme work grows, you’ll find yourself making tough decisions emboîture what to include, and just as insolent, what to leave out of your écrin.

This écrin example stands out bicause Mills has found a way to include samples of stylisme that span from the 90s to today. This could easily feel disjointed or overwhelming. Instead, it’s a beautiful and cohesive écrin with exceptional régularité to detail.

5. Mohamed Samir

Graphic design portfolio example: Mohamed Samir

Samir’s work includes branding, typography, posters, and print stylisme. So, this graphic stylisme écrin zeros in on a tight assemblage of award-winning designs.

This graphic stylisme écrin is on Behance. This makes it a good fit for graphic designers who want an online presence without designing their own website.

Why we love this graphic dessinateur’s website: Besides the high quality of the stylisme work, this écrin shows a diverse range of approaches to typography and contenance. At the same time, it shows a consistent rêve and affection for visual émission.

The printed stylisme work is also well-photographed. While the dessinateur could have added a quantitatif enfilade instead, the photographs give you a better sense of the extrême polished stylisme.

6. Gail Anderson

Graphic designer portfolio, Gail Anderson

Cliché quality matters. And if your écrin pieces include a lot of detail, you may get stumped with your online écrin stylisme. This graphic stylisme écrin website has a évident left-hand direction. So, with each click, you have a privilège to see detailed posters, book covers, and more at a scale that shows how they style for print while also being easy to scroll on a errant phone.

Why we truc this graphic stylisme écrin: Anderson’s work is manière and timeless. Each piece shows her dedication to the depth and value of stylisme thinking, technical skill, and affection for stylisme.

7. Gleb Kuznetsov

Graphic design portfolio example: Gleb Kuznetsov

Kuznetsov’s écrin combines product stylisme, consumer experience, and graphic stylisme to create something entirely new. This Dribble-hosted écrin has over 50 images, which could be overwhelming. But they’re split into seven easy-to-understand projects.

This makes it a great graphic stylisme écrin example for designers who want to spectacle long-term or complex projects.

Why this is a great example of a graphic stylisme écrin website: From the images to his brief « Embout » statement, this dessinateur makes his personnel rêve and personality action of the work and its presentation.

8. Stefan Sagmeister

Graphic designer portfolio, Stefan Sagmeister

Sagmeister is a legend in the stylisme world, and his website reflects the curiosity and power of the dessinateur. The domicile damoiseau features a grid of images with text that appears as you scroll over each lyrique. With a click, you’re presented with images and/or videos that spectacle the details of each project.

The coin is a mix of collaborations, art projects, and more traditional stylisme, like the corporate identity for the Jewish museum.

Why this is one of the best graphic stylisme écrin websites we’ve ever seen: This écrin coin doesn’t just spectacle the quality and technical ability of the dessinateur. It also gives any coutumier working with Sagmeister a sense of what the stylisme process might be like.

Quick remarque: The « answers » fragment of the coin is full of useful advice no matter where you are in your dessinateur journey.

9. Lotte Niemenen

Graphic designer portfolio, Lotte Niemenen

Great designers often let the work do the talking. That’s certainly true here, with a streamlined graphic stylisme écrin that calls régularité to coutumier deliverables. When text is present, it adds to the value of the work, like sharing what parts of the stylisme process their team completed. This is a great écrin longueur for designers doing graphic stylisme work like:

Logo stylisme
Product stylisme

Why we truc this graphic stylisme écrin: This group of work is évident and to the pixel. It also shows off a wide range of skills and tactics with a consistent rêve. Be sure to take a closer style at the website direction — it’s clean and exciting while adding to the functionality of the coin.

10. Luke Choice (Velvet Spectrum)

Graphic designer portfolio, Luke Choice (Velvet Spectrum)

3D exercice is an exciting stylisme form that’s growing in popularity. But if you’re a coutumier who’s not in the market for an animated billboard, it may be difficult to paru out how you might use this creative form for your commerce.

This coin is a great example of a écrin that educates with évident text, graphics, and video. It gives both a quick style and a deep dive into how this dessinateur approaches his art form.

Why we truc this graphic stylisme écrin: If you’re doing something interesting and new, it may be a selling pixel. But truly new ideas can also carrousel or frustrate people who don’t feel « in the know. » This means that your écrin can’t just sell your designs. It also needs to teach viewers emboîture the new longueur you’re using and why you think it’s insolent.

11. Sophia Yeshi

Graphic design portfolio example: Sophia Yeshi

A clear header and tile stylisme emphasize work samples from this powerful graphic dessinateur.

While the tiles emphasize the dessinateur’s personnel contenance, you can click on each tile to get the full details emboîture each project. This is a great approach for designers who want to share the deeper story behind each project while still making the coin easy to navigate.

Why we love this graphic dessinateur’s website: A étranger contenance is insolent in graphic stylisme. That said, it can be tough to spectacle how many ways you can apply that étranger contenance in a commerce context. Aîné brands, including Google, Nike, and Comcast, use Yeshi’s personnel explicative voice to speak for their brands.

This website écrin makes that pixel clear, while still making graphic stylisme the foyer.

12. Eduardo Nunes

Graphic designer portfolio, Eduardo Nunes

Designers often have a conseiller — someone or something that inspires and motivates them when the designing gets tough. Sometimes that chaleur can serve as a starting pixel for your écrin stylisme, as it did for this stylisme écrin example.

The landing damoiseau starts with a quote from Ansel Adams, « There is nothing worse than a sharp lyrique of a fuzzy forme. » Then, using clean proposition graphics and fresh stylisme, Nunes points to a orthogonal theme, a philosophy that guides his stylisme approach. This leads every coin visitor on a journey through his écrin.

Why we truc this graphic stylisme écrin: This écrin shows acharné work, foyer, practice, and care. It’s an considérable model for anyone who wants to spectacle the world what they’re creating and why.

13. Stefanie Brüeckler

Graphic design portfolio, Stefanie Bruckler

This écrin includes conditionnement stylisme, gloire, and web stylisme as well as graphic stylisme and branding work. It’s one of our élue graphic dessinateur websites bicause it’s clean and easy to navigate.

It also shows a lot of different examples of work at a glance. This makes it a great example for designers who aren’t sure how to organize all the work they want to include in their écrin.

Why we love this graphic dessinateur website example: Brückler’s graphic stylisme écrin focuses on the tiniest of details to create an considérable consumer experience. From the évident page-loading exercice to the thoughtful use of proposition graphics, this dessinateur hones in on the stunning details.

14. Chip Kidd

Graphic design portfolio example: Chip Kidd

Book cover dessinateur Puce Kidd’s graphic stylisme écrin website uses lightbox-style pop-ups. Popups make it easier to foyer on each book cover. This is a manière way to narrow in on the visuals with a graphic stylisme coin while still making it easy to see all the work in one animation.

Kidd uses a range of different styles for book covers, and it’s edited in a way that makes this range style natural and exciting instead of chaotic.

Why this is a great example of a graphic stylisme écrin website: The dark arrière-plan makes this graphic dessinateur’s contenance pop. And the évident side direction gives users a quick path to learn more emboîture the dessinateur and his work.

15. Ryan Dean Sprague (Pavlov)

Graphic designer portfolio, Ryan Dean Sprague (Pavlov)

This Texas dessinateur’s contenance is heavily influenced by music. So, this écrin features gloire and stylisme work that’s bright, evocative, and fun. This écrin website shines bicause it keeps the UX and coin hiérarchique chic évident. This puts the foyer on a tight curation of exciting stylisme samples.

Why this is a great example of a graphic stylisme écrin website: If you have a étranger gloire or stylisme contenance, the tough sell for your écrin may not be how good your work is. Instead, you may need to foyer on showing the coutumier how you can do your best work for their needs.

This graphic stylisme écrin is a vivid display of individuality that also shows clients how this dessinateur can help them sell their product or brand.

16. MDZ Design

Graphic design portfolio example: MDZ Design

Concise and exciting images on this graphic dessinateur website example give coin visitors a peek at execution and strategy.

MDZ Beauté also offers product stylisme and strategy to clients. This makes their graphic stylisme écrin a useful example for strategy-focused designers.

Why we love this graphic dessinateur website example: The range of fonctions this écrin shows could be overwhelming or confusing. Instead, it’s a privilège to see their approach to problem-solving. They also make it easy to see how their process leads to results for their clients.

17. Alex Trochut

Graphic design portfolio example: Alex Trochut

This graphic stylisme écrin is also a domicile for Trochut’s product stylisme, animations, music, and NFTs. It’s a great example for multimedia artists who want to present their work on a single website. It also works for creators with a big assemblage of work to spectacle.

Why we love this graphic dessinateur website example: The four-column typologie of this coin shows lyrique thumbnails of varying sizes. Each column moves at a different pace as you scroll down the damoiseau.

This proposition feels dynamic and exciting and reinforces this dessinateur’s archétype takes on color, genre, and layouts.

18. Leandro Assis

Graphic designer portfolio, Leandro Assis

Sometimes a graphic stylisme écrin isn’t just emboîture a contenance — it’s emboîture a vibe. This exceptional écrin comes from dessinateur Leandro Fondé.

From brand identity to handball lettering to progiciel stylisme, this écrin displays a wide range of stylisme skills and archétype contenance.

Why this is a great example of a graphic stylisme écrin website: It’s not like this écrin isn’t enticing to the eyes. It’s fun, bright, and a little wild. But what makes this écrin considérable isn’t just the quality of the work, it’s the experience.

Fun icons, engaging UX, and lots of white space make this bold and playful coin a pleasure to peruse.

19. Peter Tarka

Graphic designer portfolio, Peter Tarka

If you’re a self-taught graphic dessinateur, you might have less guidance on where to start with your écrin website. Image no further for chaleur than the conversationnelle stylisme écrin for Peter Tarka.

Best known for captivating 3D proposition graphics like the ones featured in the video below, Tarka started with a love of armature and vector graphics that’s grown to a career working with top brands like Spotify, Google, and LG.

Why we love this dessinateur’s website: The fewer clicks it takes to spectacle people what you’re doing the better. This coin isn’t just low-click, it’s no-click.

A évident scroll shows you the work, coutumier, and completion naissance for 15 exceptional écrin pieces. If you want to see more, a quick click at the top-right brings you to more work samples, links to other écrin sites, and proximité communiqué.

20. Tobias van Schneider

Graphic design portfolio example: Tobias van Schneider

This graphic stylisme écrin website uses a range of genre sizes and contrasts to emphasize the ideas it communicates. This is a great approach for entrepreneurial designers. It’s also manière for anyone who collaborates in their stylisme work.

Why we love this graphic dessinateur’s website: A sticky header and big blocks of color and text make this graphic dessinateur website interesting to explore. This coin also uses scale well. It combines big images with both big and small text to emphasize each coutumier project.

21. Aries Moross

Graphic design portfolio, Aries Moross

There are many ways to play up a personnel contenance, and this graphic stylisme website highlights this dessinateur’s recent work as well as a full project annales. This is a great example for designers who also do gloire.

Why we chose this graphic design portfolio: Moross uses space effectively on this site. It’s easy to get an immediate sense of the designer’s distinct style. The simple navigation helps users refine their search to target a specific type of work, like hand-drawn fonts or editorial design.

22. Ling K

Graphic design portfolio example: Ling K

LingK’s écrin features their latest project while also showing other industry niches. The hiérarchique of the website helps anticipation clients quickly decide if they want to work with this dessinateur.

Why this is a great example of a graphic stylisme écrin website: It can be tough to convey how campaign materials for a complex event, like a wedding or conference, work together. This dessinateur effectively shows the breadth and depth of work for each project and makes it easy to see the value of each deliverable.

23. Nisha K. Sethi

Graphic design portfolio example: Nisha K. Sethi

Sethi’s écrin is évident and straightforward. It puts the spotlight on each stylisme project. The « Embout » fragment also tells a clear story that encourages further questions and symposium.

It can be tempting to tell an audition everything on your website. But a great écrin should offer enough samples to entice clients to reach out and learn more, but not so much that it overwhelms. This website is a great example of offering just enough.

Why we love this graphic dessinateur website example: This graphic stylisme example combines hand-lettering, printmaking, and other media with quantitatif stylisme. While this dessinateur works in a range of media, their écrin shows a strong voice that is vraie across many channels.

Looking for more stylisme écrin inspo? These designers and stylisme studios may not be a model for your personal écrin website, but they’re great stylisme resources:

If you’ve finished your écrin pieces and want to get more website stylisme ideas, check out this free lookbook with over 70 examples of incredible websites.

How to Make a Graphic Beauté Boîte

Curate your best work, and spectacle a wide breadth of skill.
Choose the right platform to showcase your work.
Include a professional case study, or coutumier recommendations.
Integrate your personality.
Describe the creative process.
Spectacle non-client work, or side projects.

1. Curate your best work, and spectacle a wide breadth of skill.

Lindsay Burke, a HubSpot Product Sélectionner, emphasizes the dimension of quality over quantity when it comes to curating a graphic stylisme écrin. She says, « I recommend selecting your strongest projects and making these the primary foyer of your écrin website. »

Ideally, your écrin will feature your sharpest, most impressive 10-20 designs — undoubtedly, someone pursuing your écrin won’t have the time to style at more, and if your first double projects are impressive enough, they shouldn’t need to.

But it’s equally critical you spectacle potential clients your versatility. If you’ve dabbled in logo stylisme as well as video exercice, it’s good to include both kinds of projects in your écrin.

2. Choose the right platform to showcase your work.

Investing in a quality website with a custom domain URL will pay off in the spacieux run by demonstrating your professionalism to potential clients.

Having your own website helps you organize your écrin to suit all your commerce needs — for effort, perhaps you’ll include ‘Projects’, ‘Embout Me’, and ‘Allumage Me’ sections, so visitors can peruse your aise and then proximité you without ever leaving the coin.

Take a style at this list of the best website builders if you need help choosing a platform for your écrin.

3. Include a professional case study or coutumier recommendations.

Lindsay Burke told me it’s incredibly valuable to write out a case study to complement any website visuals — « Through a written case study, your coin visitors can get a sense of your project’s arrière-plan, the problem you were aiming to solve through stylisme, and the process you took to arrive at a extrême deliverable. A lot of time, lumbago, and iteration goes into stylisme solutions, and a written case study will help communicate your personnel process. »

To cultivate a strong case study, consider including the arrière-plan of the project, the problem, the process, your deliverable, and any next steps.

In the process fragment of your case study, Burke suggests including research, experience mapping, persona development, wire-framing, sketching, usability testing, and iteration.

Comme it will impress future clients if you can include recommendations from prior employers, which allows you to display a level of professionalism.

4. Integrate your personality.

As you can see in the examples above, each écrin is drastically different depending on the artist’s personnel contenance. Someone checking out Tobias van Schneider’s écrin will expect something vastly different from someone looking at Ling K’s coin. Make sure your écrin — including typologie, arrière-plan, and website title — reflects who you are as a dessinateur.

5. Describe the creative process.

Each dessinateur has a personnel process when working with clients — and the sooner a potential coutumier can learn emboîture your process, the better. It’s insolent you include context, so visitors can get a sense of how you handle challenges, and how your designs solve real-world problems.

Comme, including a narration of your creative process can help a potential coutumier paru out whether you’re toléré of handling the scope of their project.

For effort, they might be unsure of your ability to handle graphic designs for errant until they read how you single-handedly brainstormed and created the designs for another coutumier’s errant coin. In this case, context is critical.

6. Spectacle non-client work, or side projects.

Amanda Chong, a façonner HubSpot Sélectionner, says, « Side projects are a great way to demonstrate your will to take originalité and your ability to secoué plurielle things at jaguar. They’re also a great way to spectacle some of the more experimental, creative ideas that you might not be able to spectacle through your day-to-day work. »

If you’re just starting out, it’s probatoire to include side projects or non-client work so potential customers can get a sense of your ability and contenance.

Consider incorporating school work, a logo you designed for your aunt’s company, or an internal stylisme you created for your current company — ideally, your designs will negate any concerns potential clients have over your lack of career experience.

Graphic Beauté Boîte Ideas

Help a endroit commerce or start-up with its stylisme and brand.
Create aise for your own personal brand.
Redesign an existing website.
Create graphic stylisme materials for a made-up company.
Beauté a logo for a brand you love.
Create a subsistance theme for WordPress.
Take action in a stylisme carrousel.

1. Help a endroit commerce or start-up with its stylisme and brand.

One of the easiest ways to begin immeuble your coutumier armature is by contacting nonprofits or endroit businesses in your area. Think emboîture creating mock-ups or sketches in advance, These can help you give businesses a sense of your skill and rêve.

Perhaps you think a endroit restau needs a new mince logo, or want to help a gift usine with their online mercatique materials.

Projects like these will help you better understand local marketing challenges, and give you time to develop your skills in those areas. You never know what a pro-bono project could lead to next.

2. Create aise for your own personal brand.

As you build personal brand aise, take the time to make sure your mercatique materials are cohesive and sleek.

Beauté a personnel logo for your brand. Next, start immeuble your website, and add that same stylisme across various materials, including your commerce card and resume. This is also a great time to start a branded sociétal media account, and to create posts that spectacle off your stylisme skills and interests.

Clients are more likely to work with you if they can see the genre of high-quality work you’re able to create for yourself.

3. Redesign an existing website.

Don’t wait for your dream coutumier to give you a call. Instead, create a complete website redesign for a well-known brand to prove your skills to future clients.

This is a well-known strategy already used by plenty of designers — just take a style at some of the impressive Behance mock-ups for brands like RyanAir.

Additionally, Amanda Chong told me, « If you’re creating mockups for established brands to use as action of your écrin, it’s insolent to collègue this with a case study or narration of the process that helped you arrive at your proposed stylisme. Talk emboîture what you think wasn’t working with the existing stylisme, some of the constraints that you think the designers were working with, and why you made the decisions that you did. »

Chong added, « Mockups are great at showing your visual stylisme skills, but don’t necessarily demonstrate your ability to work in a real-world context, so you’ll want to take the time to explain how you would have approached it in a true commerce setting. »

4. Create graphic stylisme materials for a made-up company.

If your designs are impressive enough, potential clients won’t care that you created them for a fictitious company. In fact, you could impress them with your primeur and creativity.

Consider showing your skills by putting together a creative brief for a fake company, complete with wireframes and sketches. Other projects you can create for imaginary companies include:

Contenance guides
Sociologique media ads
Apparel graphics
Wrapping paper
Brochures and email newsletters
Cohérent GIFs
Animated infographics
Trade spectacle booths
Branded wall art
Pitch decks
Book covers

In due time, real companies will take explication.

5. Beauté a logo for a brand you love.

Bâtonnet to the genre of aise you enjoy designing. If you’re particularly adept at making juge, and are often inspired by the juge used by real brands, consider designing an choix logo for a brand you like.

Then take a style at these inspiring reimagined NFL logos. While these NFL teams probably won’t make a shift, they’re great examples of the designers’ skills and creativity.

6. Create a subsistance theme for WordPress.

WordPress, a popular aise direction system, allows users to develop subsistance themes for WP. Best of all, if your theme is approved, you can sell it as a prime theme for supplément cash.

Begin by studying WordPress’s most popular themes, and considering how you can create an impressive choix. Take a style at WordPress’s Theme Review Requirements and this overview of how to create a child theme to learn more.

7. Take action in a stylisme carrousel.

To get inspired, practice your skills, or interact with other designers in a community and build your écrin at the same time, think emboîture participating in a stylisme carrousel.

Beauté challenges can also help you uncover skills you didn’t know you had by effort you to step outside your stylisme comfort parage.

There are various daily, weekly, or monthly challenges that will send you prompts on things to stylisme — for effort, try checking out the Daily UI Design Challenge or The Daily Logo Challenge.

Graphic Beauté Boîte Tips

Spectacle your versatility.
Display your best work.
Include case studies.
Make it clean and easy to navigate.
Prominently display proximité communiqué.
Display your personnel personality.

You’ve done the work, and now you’re pulling together your graphic stylisme écrin. Try these tips to make your graphic stylisme écrin emplacement out.

1. Spectacle your versatility.

A écrin should spectacle a range of different works, so you want to highlight what you can do. Some clients prefer a more streamlined style, while others are looking for more experimentation.

If you have clients from different affaires, include some work from each industry. Then, edit your écrin based on the kind of coutumier you’re showing your écrin to.

For example, if you’re multitude with a coutumier in real estate, spectacle work samples from similar affaires.

You’ll also want to spectacle anyone who sees your écrin what you can do. So, if you create stylisme juge, books, and proposition graphics, include a little bit of everything in your écrin.

2. Display your best work.

That said, try to limit your écrin to your best work. Don’t include a piece in your écrin just to spectacle that you can do it. The way that you edit your écrin shows that you understand your strengths and know how to play them up. So, edit your écrin to include only your best work.

If you’re great with one skill set but not as good with another, edit your écrin to spotlight that skill. If contingent, create écrin pieces that spectacle many skill sets at the same time.

For example, if you love handball lettering, a proclamation could emphasize your graphic stylisme skills alongside this personnel ability.

3. Include case studies.

Every coutumier is personnel, and each will teach you something new. As you continue to work with different clients, build up a assemblage of these stories.

Try not to throw anything away without documenting it. That damoiseau of thumbnails might not be much to style at on its own, but this kind of work in progress is a great way to spectacle anticipation clients how you solve problems.

When you present case studies in your écrin, start with the originel problem your coutumier approached you with. Next, spectacle what the symposium and ideation process looked like over time. As you gilet your case study together, don’t forget to include the extrême terminaison you delivered.

4. Make it clean and easy to navigate.

Beauté is emboîture more than visual skills, it’s emboîture communicating. So the longueur of your écrin, whether it’s printed or online, should be clear and évident to scan.

This pixel is especially insolent for graphic dessinateur websites. It can be tempting to build a website that shows off the latest trends or to add Easter eggs that people need to hunt for. There’s a liqueur line between art and stylisme, and those approaches can be chic inspiring.

But immeuble a complex coin can also mean that clients in a hurry could elle-même some of your best work.

For example, a graphic dessinateur jaguar sent his écrin to a creative director friend of allure. They liked the dessinateur’s drawing but didn’t see much of the graphic stylisme or web work that he talked emboîture in his resume. With a little digging, they found a URL in one of the sketchbook drawings, and that URL led to his website.

This hide-and-seek process was calme, but it wasn’t clear or easy to navigate. This scenario could have been a missed opportunity for that dessinateur.

5. Prominently display proximité communiqué.

If someone wants to talk to you, there are many parages they can find you online. But you want to make it easy for them, and for you. You don’t want to elle-même out on an insolent multitude bicause a coutumier reached out to you with an email you don’t check anymore.

Most graphic dessinateur websites have a proximité damoiseau that has your proximité communiqué. Léopard you add this to your coin, be sure to check that the links and forms are working.

6. Display your personnel personality.

There are thousands of successful graphic designers out there, and you might be competing against some of them for your next coutumier. So, the best tip for a great écrin is to be yourself.

Whether you have a feel for typography or are talented with color, spectacle off the way that you see the world in your graphic stylisme écrin. Think emboîture every detail, and then execute to the best of your ability.

Whether it’s the first mouture of your écrin or the 200th, make it feel like something only you could create.

The best graphic stylisme portfolios aren’t ever finished.

You’ve learned emboîture the value of a graphic stylisme écrin and checked out some of the best écrin examples. You read emboîture how to create your écrin, then you scanned some manière ideas to build on the graphic stylisme work you’ve already completed.

So what’s next?

Even the best graphic stylisme portfolios need infini updates. Keep in mind that while your first graphic stylisme écrin may be complete, écrin immeuble won’t ever really end.

What do you want to tackle for your next project? Sociologique media to promote your new écrin? A new resume or professional bio to attract clients? The possibilities are endless.

Editor’s remarque: This post was originally published in March 2019 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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